Scorpio weekly astrology forecast november 14 2019 michele knight

The Moon rules our home life and security and this week sees a full Moon in your 10 th of career and status opposing Jupiter in your 4 th. Bring career matters or projects that will enhance your professional reputation on some level to a climax now if you can.

You are in a position to impress provided you remember that there is no room for sentiment in business.

Scorpio - Horoscope - by Michele Knight

Look to your long term career path and also how this ties in with those home and lifestyle visions you have for the future. When these are in harmony with one another we are in a position where we can fulfil our long term ambitions. Under this Moon this is no time to be shy about your abilities or what you have to offer. Promote yourself. If you need to rethink your career path along with that lifestyle, this Moon could provide you with inspiration when it comes to which direction to head in next.

If you are clinging to something that no longer works, prepare to cut the ties that bind you — and step into the future. If you do this week provides you with opportunities to enhance your lifestyle. Time to take action or even witness the return of something you set in motion quite some time ago. This week is very much your ideas-centered week. But when working with them please remember that Mercury which rules your ideas and communication driven 3 rd house, is retrograde in here right now.

The Sun joins it and Jupiter in here from the 22 nd. Because of the Mercury retro, focus on reviving old ideas, rewriting, representing and revising business and communication plans.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Check the fine print and proof read everything you send out now. You have the talent for big-picture thinking and Jupiter in here is all about seeing just how far one idea can take you. Those broad brush strokes paint a dazzling picture when it comes to getting your point across or even selling yourself. It is also impacting on ruler Venus in your 1 st. Our 9 th house contains our biggest dreams as it is the house of vision while it is our 11 th which rules our goals. Follow the Yellow Brick Road and open yourself up to possibilities under this Moon and chart your course towards something you still desire to experience, do or achieve.

You see a new way to get to it or it comes to find you. Get ready to walk the same path but this time, to reach the end of it. You may have walked this path before. But this time — you could arrive at your destination. This includes your talents and skills as well as material resources. Your bank balance should increase over the next year thanks to Jupiter in here. But you also have a Mercury retrograde happening in this house right now. Look back at past sources of income or to re-approaching a former employer or client. Resources is one of those. Chances are if you look closely you will discover you have more at your disposal than what you think.

The full Moon this week is in your power money sector which also is your Scorpio-resonant 8 th. You feel comfortable with this kind of emotional energy. Go deep when it comes to feelings of inadequacy or powerlessness when it comes to controlling your financial destiny. If you have been operating from a place of lack, look at where these thoughts originated.

Chances are they are not yours. This is your house of shared money and resources, debts and credits, loans, mortgages, what you owe others and what they may owe you in turn. Transform your ideas about your worth when it comes to both your money and how you expect to be treated by others. Restore those settings to receive, Scorpio. In a nutshell: Chances are you have more resources available to you than what you think, Scorpio. Look to reviving an old source of extra income and leverage those skills. Join the new rich list. Happy birthday, Sag! The Sun arrives in your sign this week although the party has already started thanks to Jupiter in your 1 st.

You begin your Solar Return Season with Mercury retrograde in your sign. This does not mean the next 12 months are destined be like Groundhog Day. Repeat performances may feature however but only in the best possible way. This combination of planets and the Sun means you get to do something you love all over again. Revisit that place you love, return to that goal which you now discover has fresh relevance, or just see a lost opportunity come knocking on your door.

It falls opposite ruler Jupiter indicating you can draw something to you like the tide. This full Moon always gives you the ability to negotiate anything from a business deal to that relationship and leave both sides feeling they have got what they wanted from it. This is your house of attraction and the Moon is shining back at you.

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So, look at what or who is opposite you. This is your reflection in so many ways. If there is someone who you love or even admire professionally, this full Moon wants you to understand they are reflecting back at you qualities that you yourself possess. Your birthday season begins with people, circumstances and opportunities showing you what you are capable of becoming on some level in the coming year. Journey towards it and become that thing.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Sag! Experience a birthday season like no other thanks to ruler Jupiter also in your sign. The world and people reflect what your future will look like. Look in the mirror! And yes, sometimes these are responsible. But equally likely to be getting in our way of the outcome we want are our thoughts and beliefs around what we think it is possible for us. Fear of success can trip us up just as frequently as fear of failure. This week asks us to face up to what we fear in order to stop the cycle of sabotage.

This is our house of the past and this includes past lifetimes. We can even carry our limiting beliefs forward with us from lifetime to lifetime, recreating the same situations as we go until we see the pattern clearly and are able to free ourselves from it. Take time out if necessary to go within and explore whether any of this is true for you. So, as well as going back over where you have held yourself back, look at your routine, your work and your health and if anything is meh or mundane, come up with a plan to change things.

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You can revamp that routine, that diet or exercise regimen right away. But if quitting your present job is your dream, please wait until Mercury heads direct again. When you begin to see the obstacles you may have placed in your own path the desire to make major changes right away may be tempting. Whatever she comes up with suits me fine, as she is so positive and uplifting! I always look forward to her new videos, via her youtube channel. This time I am sharing her recent video horoscope for December Aries […]. Category Archive: Horoscope.

On the domestic front some of you may be feeling that things are far from equal. Are you keeping the home fires burning while others are out doing their thing? Or just juggling work and domestic responsibilities and feeling unsupported? Time to get your roar back this week as you have the ability to make changes without ruffling too many feathers. Venus direct in your 3 rd not only gives you that touch of diplomacy but allows you to reach for the right words. Plus Mars in your 8 th from the 15 th may have you pushing for changes, but not in a selfish way. But if things are unequal or you feel manipulated, you do have what it takes to reset the situation but putting in the boundaries and taking back your power if necessary.

Venus may now be direct but Mercury turns retrograde from the 17 th in your 5 th of all things Leo-centric. No matter which house Mercury retrogrades in remember, the usual Retrograde Rules apply. A bit like poor Gemini, you may feel you are spending extra time in the Love Wasteland where romance is thin on the ground.

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But Mercury retro in here connects you to past loves — be it that romantic interest, creative endeavour or even that hobby or pastime you used to love. Use this retrograde to look at where your natural Leo shine has been dulled. You can restore your lustre for when Mercury moves forward again from Dec 6. Time to revive the glamour and relaunch that star skyward once more.

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In a nutshell: Attend to any imbalances now, Leo. This week allows you to get your roar back if you have been reduced to mewing lately. Ruler Mercury shifts into reverse this week in your 4 th of home and security. You are the last sign that needs me to remind you of the Retro Rules as chances are they are engraved on your frontal lobes. Do not enter into any real estate dealings either buying or renting unless you have no other option but to move. Do not buy domestic appliances unless your current machine breaks down beyond repair.

This is an excellent transit for remodeling, redecorating and even refinancing if you need to especially now Venus which rules your money house, is direct again in here the day before Mercury heads backwards. Mars enters your 7 th this week and this is not a house where Mars feels comfortable. This is your house of relating and partnership and Mars is all about action — of the self-determined variety. Mars in this house is all about our responses — to what we love and conversely, what we hate.

This is after all, the house of open enemies as well as those we love. Now Venus is direct once more, Mars in here can send you hurtling out filled with renewed confidence in your ability to attract that lover. In a nutshell: Love and romance are back on the menu this week. Rekindle the fire and the passion now, Virgo. Ruler Venus heads direct once more in your sign this week.

Love, partnership matters and most importantly, your ability to attract and be recognised, are all restored to their normal setting. However, no sooner has Venus moved forward, than Mercury heads backwards in its ruling 3 rd in your chart the following day. When Mercury retrogrades in a ruling house in our charts, its ability to make mayhem with communications, travel plans and technology, is increased. So, please whatever you do now, abide by those Retrograde Rules as if they were set in stone.

You may find it difficult to get your ideas across and people may seem determined to misunderstand you. Crossed wires and missed connections are also possible as could be disagreements with neighbours or siblings. Time to pick up something you left off — that idea, course, plan, screenplay, book or even conversation. Mars hurtles into your 6 th this week. Your work whether paid or unpaid is in focus and the danger here is taking on too much. This is your house of health so look carefully at how your body or energy levels affect your emotional state. This is a Mercury-ruled house and with its ruler retrograde this is not a good time to look for a new job.

However, when it comes to the job in hand or shaking up that routine — you got this, Libra. In a nutshell: Just as you may be wondering If you had turned invisible, the whole world starts to sit up and take notice again. Your ability to attract is back. Thanks to ruler Venus direct this week. Venus which rules your money as well as your love life, heads direct once more in your 12 th which is good news for you as ancient ruler Mars arrives in your romance zone this week.

If that includes looking for a new lover, you have the confidence plus the sex appeal to put yourself out there now. Single or settled, you are searching for something to pour that raw passion into now. For some of you this could be a creative project or an activity you love to do.

Who makes it happen? You do.

Scorpio Weekly Astrology Horoscope 30th September 2019

Money matters remain on the agenda for you. This represents a time to reassess those values and know what you stand for. Unexpected bills or expenditure can occur under a Mercury retrograde in here — usually associated with something Mercury—ruled. Are you looking to make extra cash during this time? If so look back at ways you have made money in the past.

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Re-approach an old employer or revive a side hustle. Have a stocktake of those talents and skills and also at the resources you have at your fingertips that can yield extra income. If you have been waiting for money to turn up that you are owed, Mercury retro could deliver it.

Look closer this week. In a nutshell: See yourself as your own best asset this week. And have the confidence to go after whatever it is you want. Revive the dream now Venus finally heads direct again in your goals sector. Old friends and old dreams may have featured during this cycle. Now, take what you have reconnected to, reshape it and move forward. While Venus may be forward once more, Mercury in your 1 st heads backwards from the 17 th and will remain so until Dec 6. Just take it that everything that possibly can go wrong, will go wrong if it can. Because this retrograde covers anything and everything, this means you get second chances at just about anything.

Stop and think for a moment what this means. Not just the Mercury-ruled stuff but anything at all.